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Nossa oração

Nossa Oração - adaptada de Ruth St Denis:

Divine Mother and Father Architects of all creation We, your humble instruments Lie here at your feet

We await the sound of your inner voice and the sight of your inner vision

Cleanse us from Pride, Vanity and Fear and banish from our path all phantoms and seductions that would lure us to the abyss

Allow us to enter the temple not made with hands wherein we may abide in you and you may radiate through us

Accept us as channels for your light Use us as the conduits of your wisdom

With humble and surrendered gratitude We offer you

Again and again

our bodies, hearts, minds and souls


*Foto de Livia Büchelle, Prem Samit durante intervenção artística "Caminhada de Vênus" idealizada por Paola Blanton

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